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Uriwell, HappyPee, & IncoStress

Welcome to Rubicon Healthcare, home to Uriwell, HappyPee, and IncoStress. We use PayPal, the globally recognised secure payment option, to protect your shopping experience. If you’d prefer to discuss our flexible payment options please email me directly at

Uriwell £14.99

Uriwell is flexible bending to your body so that it can be used in any position – standing, lying or sitting – with no spilling which means you can stay in your car, chair, tent, bag or bed when Nature calls. Read more…



HappyPee £14.99

Perfect for potty training your child. Perfect for travelling with children. Due to its unique design it’s as easy for girls to use as boys. Read more…



IncoStress £29.99

Control female stress incontinence now with IncoStress. A Class IIA medical device designed to control urinary stress incontinence in women. It is neat petite, discreet and reusable. Read more…


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