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Friends of Scott Polar Research InstituteWelcome to our Mountaineering Ireland members page.

‘The Uriwell device proved a valuable asset on my recent expedition in the Arctic. In April I took part in a sponsored dog sledging challenge over the high mountains of Northern Norway and Sweden with an almost all woman team. As an experienced sledger I know the problems involved when it comes to toilet issues. Normally there are basic facilities near the cabins we stay in but to get to them is another matter. In the middle of an Arctic night it involves putting on all the kit and boots then negotiating snow drifts with a head torch. This recent trip was in a much more remote region and involved camping in unpredictable weather conditions. I found the Uriwell made all the difference. I could use it discreetly undercover without having to battle with the elements. It will certainly be part of my kit for future expeditions.’

Picture: Cathy Cooper, Challenge Coordinator, Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge University

Uriwell is fast becoming an essential part in the walking, hiking or mountianeering kit. Available from Great Outdoors and 53 Degrees North it retails for €14.99.

About Uriwell (€14.99 ex-P&P)

Uriwell, portable, flexible, unisex urinal Uriwell – the portable, flexible, unisex urinalUriwell is flexible, bends easily in any direction so that it can be used in any position – standing, lying or sitting – with no spilling and therefore means that occupants can stay in their car, chair or bed when Nature calls.  

In addition to being easy for male use the Uriwell has been ergonomically designed for easier female use. The hermetically sealed lid minimises odours and spilling.  

The unique design uses an accordion like construction made from a flexible polypropylene which means Uriwell can be collapsed to about the size of a soft drink can – fitting neatly into a glove compartment, handbag or rucksack. When expanded it has a capacity of 750 ml.


 “Very easy to use, flexible and hygienic. Definitely the thing to use when you get caught short on a long journey. Highly recommended.”

 “Having the Uriwell in the car gives me peace of mind when setting out on a long car journey especially as so many Public Toilets are being closed” 

“After hearing about the Uriwell on Today FM, I immediately went to their site and ordered one – I have been caught out before where I left on a long journey late at night and really could have used one of these. Would definitely recommend the Uriwell.” “…a Godsend! It has totally changed my travelling life.”

About HappyPee (€14.99 ex-P&P)

Happypee is perfect for travelling with your children just in case of emergencies and avoid unsanitory public WC’s. Because of its unique concertina design it folds down for easy storage.

This means your child can stay in the car or tent when they have to go thus protecting their privacy. 

HappyPee helps a child enjoy potty training. Parents know that when their child enjoys something they learn it quicker. Happypee is designed for children and is like a friendly toy not a new unwelcome piece of equipment. With Happypee your child is in control and little accidents can be avoided.  

Happypee is unisex. It was designed using female ergonomics and therefore girls will find it as easy to use as boys.

“Hi there, Having 2 children ages 4 and 2, I have found the Happy Pee brilliant in the car. They are a boy and girl and both can use it. We are going to Florida on holiday next week and I am going to bring it with us for the journeys over there. I have recommended it to a colleague who purchased 2 Happypees and 1 Uriwell. A great product, best invention in a long time”

“With 2 young children the words “I need a wee” on long car journeys would fill me with dread. With the happy pee those days are gone.”

“I was very happy with HappyPee as I have two kids under 4, it’s great when we’re going to Dublin.”

“I pack happypee into my ruck-sack whenever I fly with our youngest. Have you noticed there are no child size urinals in airports and that they are not always the cleanest? That’s why I bought HappyPee and it is brilliant in the car. The amount of times we’ve been stuck in traffic, it really has rescued our son. Thank you!”


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